by Dare

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Dare 01:28
Time's Up 00:50
Place the blame, it's all an act Run your mouth but watch your back Pray you don't cross our path Smash you through is how we react No more (x2) You're always talking your shit You never back what comes out You wanna meet in the streets But you're never around It doesn't matter It's who I'll be The words you say don't mean shit to me
Make the fucking difference Learn to speak your mind Your opinion is your own and not the ones you hide behind All your life you've been shut down What you said wasn't heard Everyone is focused on them and only them They forget that you're a person To concerned to realize All the shit you hold inside And from this now I'm cold wondering what I did wrong You could have made a difference but they never let you try Withholding your opinion and afraid to voice your mind Time and time again, I'm left hung out to dry Fuck what you think, I'll hold my head up high
D.E.P. 00:39
Take a look at the choices you've made The people that you lost, and the prices you paid You walk a dead end path but it's never too late To refuse to be consumed and live a life free of pain (x2)
A pat on the back A shake of a hand You look for acceptance wherever you can A fucking thief You've stolen our time For the social ladder, you're trying to climb Caught in the act and we all see right through Trend hopping clone, got no time for you Caught in the act and when push comes to shove Drag you back to what you think you're above You're caught in the fucking act
Outro 01:41


Recorded by Madison Woodward at Paradise Records
Mixed & Mastered - Colin Knight
Art Design - Joey Goergen
Cover Photo - Giovanni Reda


released October 8, 2018



all rights reserved



DARE Fullerton, California


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